Born in Sydney, Australia, I studied photography and art in London in 2008 after living and working for five years as a freelance photographer in Zurich, Switzerland.

I have worked for numerous clients on a variety of jobs and have had a few exhibitions in Zurich, London and Sydney, the results of which you can see here.

artist statement

My work up to this point has been preoccupied with exploring how presenting natural phenomena in an ornamental or abstract way can intensify our experience of them. I am interested in viewing certain features of wildlife, landscapes and the sky with a sense of sublime isolation that offers an almost statuesque or portrait-like quality to the images.

These intentions characterise my series of photographs of Australian wildflowers and cloud formations. With these works I have attempted to identify a refinement, an almost sculpted precision in aspects of the chaotic and mysterious natural world. In the process, I find myself touching on the impossibility that humanity can tame nature in any profound or lasting way, and that the framing of an image offers only a momentary glimpse of order, however beautiful it may be.

My initial motivation for expression through photography was a desire to establish a connection with place, and to explore notions of timelessness and presence. Through photography, I aim to both forge a connection with community and express an appreciation of being part of the strange enigma that is life on Earth.

My images, I believe, are evocative of a pervasive sense of quietness, offering a space to meditate upon the 'essence of being'. In some way, this is something I am attempting to access with each image I create, and thus words such as 'sublime', as defined by artists such as Casper David Friedrich, seem somehow appropriate.

I am also concerned with the link between our physical space and surroundings and its impact on our psychological and emotional identity. Living away from Australia for more than a decade has allowed me to approach the Australian landscape with an eye that embraces the ambiguity, threat, strangeness and spirituality of this country's terrain.

I have a love of film photography that stretches back to my childhood and my first dabblings in the art, but have come to value and embrace the possibilities of the digital sphere and hope that my art can continue to flourish as new technological possibilities arise, whilst still retaining a wonder at the history and diversity that has defined nature photography over the past century and more.

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