Portraits in Bloom: The Wildflowers of Muogamarra

Solo exhibition at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown NSW Australia, as part of Head On Photo Festival 2012

The Muogamarra Reserve, near Cowan on the northern outskirts of Sydney, is a remarkable area of bushland known for its wonderfully rich and verdant wildlife as well as its splendid views. The reserve is a dream for any photographer interested in shooting the minutiae of the Australian natural world. The wildflowers of the Muogamarra seem to have an intricacy and secrets all of their own.

This intriguing landscape has an equally impressive back-story. Access to Muogamarra is extremely protected – a move to preserve the Hawkesbury sandstone – meaning that the public can only visit the reserve on four weekends of the year. This makes the sanctuary among the most exclusive and prestigious areas in the wider Sydney area.

The reserve is also of great Aboriginal significance (the word 'Muogamarra' meaning 'preserve for the future'), with rock carvings and other important sites dotted around the bushland. Muogamarra's history also includes a devastating bushfire in 2002, ensuring that today's extraordinary array of wildflowers is all the more impressive.

These portraits, taken in Spring 2011, pay homage to the alien and dreamlike qualities of the flowers' forms as well as the resilience of the Australian wildlife.

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